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Crypto News

South Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb Hacked, $31.5 Million Stolen

Popular South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has suspended all deposits and withdrawals following a hack resulting in the theft of more than $31 million worth of cryptocurrencies. This marks the

Up In a Down Market? 2 Projects That Could Help You Fend Off the Bear

2018, once expected to be a bullish year, has turned into a slow burn of agony for most. Especially if one gained interest in and started accumulating in January of

The Rich are Getting Richer, But Still Don’t Get Cryptocurrency

The Capgemini World Wealth Report 2018 has revealed the rich are getting richer — and want better advice from their wealth managers on cryptocurrency investments.  According to the report published

Meet the Company Creating a Location-Based Data Market on the Blockchain

It is no secret in this digital age that data is king. Until now it has been easy for companies to utilize digitally collected data such as social networks, browsing

Bitcoin HashRate At All-Time High With ‘Price to Follow,’ Says Max Keiser

Bitcoin’s hash rate reached new all-time highs in June, prompting well-known industry figures to renew calls for imminent price increases. Data from Blockchain.info confirms that Bitcoin network hashrate continued growing

Bitcoin And Ethereum Forecast: Down – But Surely Not Out

The price actions of Bitcoin and Ethereum have failed to break out of their bearish trends this past month – and investors are preparing for lower support levels in the


EOS Will See ‘Massive Exchange Hack’ This Year, Cornell Professor Says

EOS Will See ‘Massive Exchange Hack’ This Year, Cornell Professor Says

EOS will be the victim of a “massive” exchange hack this year, developer and computer science professor at Cornell University,

Keplertek: Gearing Up for Extra Sale

Keplertek: Gearing Up for Extra Sale

Do you have at least 0.2 Ethereum in the cryptocurrency wallet of your choice? If the answer is no, you


$500k in funding paves way for bitcoin trading

$500k in funding paves way for bitcoin trading

New York City-based bitcoin startup Coinsetter has taken its first outside investment by closing a seed round of funding totaling

Pay that parking ticket with bitcoins?

Pay that parking ticket with bitcoins?

E-Gov Link, a hosted application provider for government agencies, says it is integrating bitcoin payments into its suite of products,